Alkaline Hydrolysis Disposition by Bio-Response Solutions

Our Background

Bio-Response Solutions

Bio-Response Solutions is a family owned and operated company led by CEO Joe Wilson. For over 17 years our team has specialized in alkaline hydrolysis systems and effluent decontamination systems.

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Joe Wilson, CEO

Joe Wilson has over 35 years of experience in the biological industries. Throughout his career he has designed and implemented diverse systems for medical and biocontainment applications. Wilson formerly served as Vice President, Solid Waste Management Systems for STERIS Corp., a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control, and surgical and critical care technologies. During his time with the company, he became captivated by the alkaline hydrolysis technology. He left STERIS Corporation to join WR2, a company that made alkaline hydrolysis systems, when STERIS declined to buy the smaller firm. As President and CEO of WR2, Joe worked alongside the pioneers of alkaline hydrolysis – Dr. Gordon Kay and Dr. Peter Weber.

While at WR2, Wilson developed commercially viable alkaline hydrolysis systems for major veterinary schools and disease diagnostic institutions throughout the U.S. and some sites around the world. The development of human disposition by alkaline hydrolysis began in 1995 with the installation of the first commercially sold system for multiple cadaver dispositions for the State of Florida, which is still used today. The first single body prototype was built by WR2 in 1998 and was used for market research and process development. In 2005 Joe and his team designed, sold, and installed the first single cadaver alkaline hydrolysis system and placed it in Mayo Clinic where it is still used today.

Wilson started Bio-Response Solutions in December of 2006. Bio-Response designs and builds alkaline hydrolysis equipment, and specialized sterilization systems for bio-containment laboratories that work with dangerous pathogens. Wilson decided to perfect a low-temperature version of alkaline hydrolysis after starting Bio-Response, primarily to address agricultural industries and disease response efforts. During these years of low temperature technology development, Wilson decided other industries would benefit greatly from low temperature alkaline hydrolysis. Both high and low temperature systems have been placed in large number of facilities by Wilson and his team.

Joe is a proud Purdue University Alum. Click below to see his Purdue Agriculture features:
From Ranger Joe to CEO
53 Ag Alums: Joe Wilson

Evolutionary Design

Bio-Response Solutions' innovation has made us the leader in alkaline hydrolysis systems for human and pet disposition. Our patent pending high and low temperature human systems are designed for installation in funeral homes and crematoriums without heavy maintenence, major building modifications, or large space requirements. Our patent pending pet systems offer the same benefits, as well as decreased cost and labor needs for the operators. Our PET-400 system allows both communal processing and segregated processing, which allows for up to 14 pets in one cycle. Each pet is placed in its own cradle to keep the bone remains separate from the other pets.

Left: Jeff Edwards stands with his alkaline hydrolysis system. Edwards was the first funeral home in the nation to offer this alternative to families. Edwards Funeral Service located in Columbus, Ohio installed a Bio-Response Solutions Alkaline Hydrolysis System in January. The first disposition occurred on January 27, 2011.

Below: Joe is pictured in the 1998 prototype system (far left), followed by the WR2-built and installed Mayo Clinic cadaver system, and most recently in the Bio-Response system; the first operating AH system for funeral/commercial disposition.